Rainbow  Room (Babies and Toddlers)


All our rooms have been built and provided with equipment relevant for the children's age's.

Rainbow Room = Fees List from April 2022


Full Day sessions- 9.00am- 3.00pm £36.00

Morning Session or Afternoon Session-9.00am-12.00 or 12.00-3.00pm






If Pre-School or toddler parents require any extra sessions these are charged at a set session price, no hourly rates are available.

For funded children we  ask for a resource fee and snack money each day we will give you a seperate letter regarding this .

We feel it is beneficial for the children to play together and have the experience of mixing with the older children which is beneficial for their learning and development.The rainbow room is registered for 14 children but at present we are only having 8 in  children.The room is set up into areas for the children to play in, including creative area, sand and water, construction, home corner, quiet area, maths and knowledge and understanding. There is an area for children to mark make and a music area too.In this room they stay in here until we feel they are ready to move to preschool which is anytime between 2.5 and 3.

The  room  will follow the EYFS(2021) planning and also the children's interests inform the planning for the children that week. Each child has a learning journey where observations are recorded down and there are achievements and children's work in here too.This room also will strongly focus on the three prime areas which are personal social and emotional development,physical development and communication and language. If we feel the children are succeeding in these areas of learning we can encourage the other four specific areas, children develops at different rates and therefore we ensure we meet the needs of each child.


The children will go on many trips such as the park, to the field collecting leaves, nature walks and parks.


In this room the children love to get messy they have fun with shaving foam, sand, water, soil and much more, they enjoy singing and story time and they love the outdoors.We take the children out three times a day in all weathers as the outdoors is so beneficial to children's health and well being.

The parents can add to the planning at anytime, we value your comments regarding your child interests and we then we can plan for their next steps.

 We use the new birth to five ,matters (2021) to help us support childrens learning and it gives us ideas how to plan for childrens learning.

. Tracey will offer the support needed and talk to parents about early help advice.