Security and Safety

Little Angels is committed to providing care and learning for the children in a safe and secure environment.  All staff have an individual and collective responsibility to ensure that they have continuous regard for the safety and security of all the children at the nursery.  All staff who work here have a level 1 in safeguarding which is renewed after every three years and the managers all have level 3 in safeguarding.  The staff also update their knowledge annually through online training .


 Staff and any other authorised persons who are regular visitors to the nursery will be issued with identity badges or clearly identifiable clothing, which they will be expected to wear them at all times while on the premises. 
The security doors have been put in to create a barrier for the children they are not allowed to go through the security doors without a parent/carer or a member of staff at any times.  The door is locked at all times and opened by the staff with a key.

Children will not be left unsupervised at any time during activity sessions.  In the event of staff shortages Little Angels may need to use qualified agency staff to ensure that children are adequately supervised in accordance with the staff ratio provisions.   

The manager will allocate responsibility to individual members of staff for observing and supervising the main entrance and exit at the beginning and end of the session. 


Little Angels has a visitors book which is kept close to the main entrance in which visitors must sign in on arrival, alongside giving the following information:

• Their name

• The date and time of their arrival

• The reason for their visit 

• The time they leave the premises

The car registration number (due to park eye )

we have   hand sanitiser available for visitors

Visitors to the setting will not be left unsupervised with the children at any time. 


The entry and exits of the childcare rooms and outdoor play areas are monitored all the time through CCTV cameras.We have had a new door system completed which doors can only be opened with a key with a staff member.

We keep the door closed and we always make sure the children are supervised at all times. Only staff are allowed to open the door to parents, if we have anyone else ring at the door we will always ask for identification and ask them to sign the visitor’s book.There is one entrance for all parents and they sign there child in at reception.

The cameras are in the main office within the preschool room and these are always watched by Managers and the Administration Team at all times. 


Coming into nursery/Collecting your chil

When you sign up with the nursery you need to ensure you tell us who can pick your child up and these are written in your child personal details forms which are confidential. If anyone different is picking your child up you must inform us straight away with a description, photo of the person and a password.
Staff sign the children in and we ask parents who will be collecting on the day which is recorded down. The manager needs to know who is on the premises at all times. Security is of a very high standard at little angels and we are always looking for even more ways to make it safer.We also conduct fire drills with the children every 6 weeks.We complete a daily register which is also completed by the staff.We also record the times of the children coming in and going home as well.