Holiday Club for under 8 only 


Open 10 weeks of the year closed 1 week in may and 2 weeks in the summer holidays (dates will always be given out before hand in plenty of time)     

                                                                                           Holiday Club= Fees List

Holiday Club Full Day 9.00am-3.00pm  £36.00

  We ensure that activities we provide are carefully planned for the children and we offer lots of resources and toys within the rooms. We send out plans for the holiday club several weeks before and you need to ensure you book in as soon as possible. We ensure that the ratios are correct and ensure the safety of the children as there can be different age groups in. 


Little Angels has a very good reputation which is due to the professional skills of our staff with dedication and commitment to creating the very highest standards of care.There are lots of activities to do in the club such as painting, reading stories, outdoor play and much more.

We visit lots of places in the holiday club and we also ask the children their ideas for where they would like to go aswell such as the zoo , gullivers world and the beach are the favourite ones they always choose.We will email you a copy of our plans and be happy for you to come and see our exciting rooms we have for the children. 


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Karen/Tracey at Little Angels on 01204 306228 or 


An Introduction to Little Angels

Little Angels opened in January 2008, the room has been carefully planned to ensure a safe friendly environment where a wide variety of toys, resources and activities can be enjoyed by your child.

Specialised areas such as PE music and movement and outdoor play will allow the children to plan lots of fun activities, these will provide stimulation and learning opportunities for every child


All the resources, furniture are all in good condition. The age which the children can come are from 3-8 years and we have a range of activities to promote the age and stage of development for each individual child. The rooms are set up into different areas chosen by the children. The children decide what they would like to do in terms of activities trips and their menu for their snacks..

The children will have access to laptops and ipads where this will encourage their ICT skills. We have a stimulating creative area where the children have an extensive choice on what they would like to create. We have a role play area, board games, construction area and much more.

 We take the children outside where there are lots of activities for them to do. We involve the children in team games and exercising such as football and netball matches.


Our objectives

 We are committed to providing a high quality service for the children and parents were care and education go hand in hand. We believe children will only realise their true ability in happy, relaxed but disciplined secure environment


. For the holiday club there will be a booking form you need to fill in and return to me/ this must be filled out and the fees must be paid before the holidays.Please ensure you fill the holiday club booking form in and return this to Katie or your place cannot be confirmed.


Children with infectious diseases, discharge from the eyes, diarrheoa, vomiting or a high temperature need to stay at home. If your child becomes ill during the day we will contact you to take them home. Please see our policies and procedures for further information. If your child has any other illness and you are not sure then please contact the manager for further information.


Personal Items

We advise the children to bring a bottle of water to the holiday club especially when we are on a trip and in the warm weather. We also advise that the children do not bring in any toys. We advise that you bring in sun cream labelled and a sunhat for your child in the hotter months!! If your child is going on a trip and you wish to send spending money please do so in an envelope with your child’s name on it.


Collection of children

For  security reasons you must inform the staff if the children are to be released to anyone other than those whose names you have authorised and with whom we are familiar with. 


We offer a range of activities and your child will love coming to our holiday club. We promote diversity through out of school provision and we cater for the children with additional needs. We offer a lot of love, care and affection. We offer stimulating, fun activities. As we are family run business we have a very homely atmosphere through our setting which we feel the parents and the children like. We strive to improve our setting and we welcome your comments at all times