There is a childcare agreement to sign for the nursery and you will need to fill in the child’s personal details. We will require one week’s fees in advance. Fees are to be paid in advance. Parents are not allowed to change sessions for any reason as we are a full nursery and we cannot accommodate this service. Please note that a £2.00 per minute will be charged to your account if you are late. It is very important that you pick your child up on time as this jeopardizes the ratios of the children to staff if not. 

Baby food

 Please make sure you bring your food in a tupaware box labelled with your child’s name on it.

This will be put into the fridge separated in the kitchen. A qualified member of staff will feed the children according to their individual needs, the food will be warmed in the microwave and tested to 85 degrees using a food probe.

Baby Bottles

Please make sure that you bring your child’s bottles in labelled,These will be stored in a separate fridge and only qualified staff will be feeding the babies. Tracey Jackson is in charge of who is competent enough to do so.

Key person

We will operate a key person system where babies will form a relationship with their key person. Babies need to feel loved and settled. Tracey will introduce you to your child’s key person. We also offer a home visit for your child before they start and we offer visits so your child will feel settled and also you as a parent will feel reassured.


The baby room will be set out daily according to the babies’ individual needs. Our planning will be in line with the EYFS (2021) and all this will be displayed on the wall. Babies are unique and they need a stable environment. There are going to be lots of learning opportunities for the babies. We plan a day to day basis and we look at their needs. We have a creative area where children can explore a variety of materials like sand, water, grass, soil, and much more. Babies will have access to paints, glue, and the creative materials. We will be doing lots of nappy art with the babies.                                                                            

We have a heuristic play area were this is full of natural materials like fork, pans, spoon materials and much more. The children can explore using all the materials. There will be a music area and a nice cosy book area where the babies can look at the books and the pictures. The babies will have access to the role play area. There is a mat for the babies’ highchairs and a low table for when they are eating and playing table top toys. Please make sure you bring plenty of spare clothes in a bag. These will go on your child’s peg. This is due to painting and creative activities or if your child is feeding themselves they may get a little messy and we do let children gain this independence.


The staff in this room are the deputy manager Tracey Jackson. She has 15 years experience of looking after children and has been the deputy for four years. All staff have an enhance DBS , and we have strict recruitment and section procedures in place. We carefully plan our rooms so that children feel a sense of belonging and feel a nice relationship with their key person.  There is a 1 -3 ratio within this room however we do sometimes allow for more staff if there are children with specific individual needs that need more of a 1 -1.


If your child has a dummy they will have their own pot, which will stay in their own tray. Your child will also have their own flannel too. We are aware that each baby is different and some feel scared than others. Please feel free to bring in your babies comforter whether it be a teddy, blanket or dummy. It is important to us that your baby feels and you feel confident and happy.

Daily Diary

Your baby will be given a daily diary where we will write in all about their day. This is also a communication book between us and you. If you feel you need to write anything that we need to know feel free to. Tracey will explain this in more detail 


We will take the children out on walks and trips locally . We take babies out twice a day in our play area attached to the building. Out door play is a very important part of their learning.The babies will have a lot of opportunities to play outside. We will go out in all weathers, snow, ice, children love all kinds of weathers.


Babies can either sleep in a travel cot, on a mattress or in an indoor pram. All babies will have their bedding which is washed weekly. We use daz soap power to wash these. You can also feel free to bring your own child’s blankets if you wish too. Staff will put your baby to sleep wherever your baby requires this. We do not have times for sleeps.


Babies must bring their own nappies everyday as we do not provide these. and ensure you bring enough nappies  for your child. The wipes are provided by us and we can put sudocream in as long as it is a new tub and we have a signature for this off a parent/carer.


We check the toys on a daily basis and make sure they are safe. We have made sure when planning and organising the baby room that we have cared for from babies 6 weeks to 2.5 / 3 years  years. If we feel your child’s ready to move up to the next room, we will work in partnership with you and this will be done with visits and making sure your child’s key person settles them in.


We have set the baby room up and it is cleaned daily, we have the carpets cleaned regularly and staff worked to the highest standards and all cleaning is recorded down. It is really important that babies are in a clean, safe environment at all times and we do an excellent job at keeping children safe.   

CCTV cameras

We have cameras all over the nursery to ensure the highest standard of safety for your child. We have monitors down in the office which is watched by the manager and the admin manager throughout the day. We have cameras on every entrance and exit within the building so staff know who is approaching the building. We have a very strict policy on children being collected we offer a password system and all people who collect children must be on the authorization list.

Safeguarding is a very big issue with nurseries and OFSTED and we are a good nursery who always  puts safety first at all times ,and I believe we do this very well.