General Information

.Opening Times

Monday to Friday 9.00am-3.00pm

All year round ( closed bank holidays, Christmas day, boxing day and new years day)

                                                                                          We are only offering funding sessions term time only

                                                     (Term time only which is 38 weeks or 49 week which is all year round)


                                         Children between the ages of  6 weeks and 5 years. Full and part times are available 


There is a childcare agreement that will be required to be signed for children attending the setting. We require one weeks fees in advance. . Fees need to be paid in advance to Katie Jackson our Admin Manager.Parents are not allowed to change sessions for any reason as we are a full nursery and we cannot accommodate this service.

Please note there is a late charge of a £2.00 per minute if you are late or arrive to collect your child after 3.00pm, will need to be paid before your child can return to the setting.

Children with infectious diseases, discharge from the eyes, diarrhea, vomiting or a high temperature need to stay at home. If your child becomes ill during the day we will contact you to take them home. Please see our policies and procedures for further information. If your child has any other illness and you are not sure then please contact the manager for further information.

Covid 19 
We will ensure that all the guidelines are put into place from the government.