Under no circumstances will any child be subject of physical punishment.  All children are given clear guidelines as to acceptable and unacceptable behavior, and if this is a problem a member of staff will deal with it according to the policies and procedures. If we feel that there is a problem staff will work in partnership with parents to help to resolve it.

Safeguarding training will be updated every 3 years .The manager and the deputy manager are also qualified to level 3 in safeguarding and would like to undertake their level 4 in the near future too.Staff are also trained in behaviour management when they first start and we have three staff in charge of children's behaviour too.

 We have a behaviour policy that parents look at when they start and they sign to say they agree to this, we believe in positive praise for children and not shouting at any time.
Children learn through praise and reward and we offer lots of nice things to encourage good behaviour such as star charts, star of the week, certificates.  In the babies and toddlers children take a teddy home each week and write down what they have been doing at the weekend.  Children are given stickers for good behaviour.  We also have star of the week and the younger rooms also send a teddy home with a book for children to record down what they have done.  Children enjoy helping so they can have the teddy to take home with them !.
We also ensure that we learn the older children about bullying and fighting, as they are at an age where they need to have an awareness of the seriousness of this type of behaviour.

British values

We support this at our nursery and believe each child is indiviudual and unique and all children have rights and their voices are always heard. we listen to children and we encourage children to vote and have their own opinions as well ,such as in preschool the children every day vote for their favourite story.
The babies have choices of which snacks they would like to eat  and the toddlers enjoy to explore the room and choose what they would like to play with. 
The staff have all been trained on the british values and we use these to plan your child's day and we encourage this every day within the nursery, we treat everybody equally and we encourage the children what is right and wrong by doing lots of  display and  mind maps. We respect the culture and beliefs of others and children understand they are listened to at all times.