A Professional photographer Dominic Holden attends the nursery every year to photo each child,various photos of the children will be took and also photos with there siblings. Dominic will be at the nursery all day if parents would like to bring in older siblings or family friends.Parents are under no obligation to buy any of the photos.


The Community

To enhance the children's learning we regularly invite people from the community, and from outside agencies into the setting, to promote and enhance children's interests and  develop their learning by having discussions with the children and demonstrate what they do.

Visitors that have been to Little Angels nursery are as follows-

  • Road Safety officier
  • Zoolab
  • Police
  • Fire brigade
  • Guide dogs for the blind
  • Oral Hygenie
  • Magician
  • Father Christmas
  • scout leader
  • parents to talk about there job roles
  • pets and new babies 


Charity events

We celebrate many charities such as red nose day, children in need, breast cancer and much more. For this we normally do a cake sale or a raffle to raise money. We sometimes may ask the children to dress up in fancy dress and we have had a bouncy castle for the day too.  It s beneficial for the children to take part in charity events as it teaches them all about the world around them .  

 Trips and Outings

All the rooms in the nursery also really enjoy going out on trips and visiting special places, which again help to promote and enhance their interests and develop their learning.

Places such as-

  • Local Parks /forest Hallith wood
  • aquariums
  • Post Box and walks in the forest /nature walks collecting leaves and twigs
  • On a train ride
  • On a bus ride