All our rooms have been built and provided with equipment relevant for the childrens age's.


Sunshine Room = Fees List






Full Day Session- 9.00am-3.00pm


 9.00-12 am and 12.00-3.00 pm sessions available as well 

£18 per session 



If Pre- School or Toddlers parents require an extra sessions these are charged at a set session price, no hourly rates are available


We have various offers for funded children if you are interested please ring me on 01204 306228.


All sessions must be booked and paid for regardless if your child is sick or on holidays, failure to meet the payment will result in the termination of your childs place.

We require fees and lunch time costs to be paid a week in advance and can be paid cash, or by BACS.

We require a months notice for termination of a contract, see admissions policy for more information.


 You will only be charged anything extra they do we have flexible sessions so please come and speak to us and we can accommodate your specific needs.

Fees are subject to an annual review every year

Children bring a healthy packed lunch when they stay all day.

 A snack is offered in all rooms throughout the day and milk and water is available for the children to drink.   Staff encourage children to pour water or ,milk drinks and access their own snack. 


Welcome to Little Angels Nursery

We aim to provide a high standard of childcare, a warm safe, secure and stimulating environment for your child. Thank you for your enquiry, enclosed is the information you require about the nursery. If you would like to come and visit us please feel free. If you have any queries or questions and you would like to speak to me over the phone please do so on (01204) 306228 or  07790476416 alternatively you can email .


Aims of Little Angels Nursery

  • We will offer a high standard of care at all times
  • We will ensure we meet the needs of each individual child
  • We will provide activities to meet the needs of the children according to their age and stage of developmen
  • We will offer the EYFS (2021)  framework/ and we have prepared for the changes in September 2021.
  • We will ensure the safety of your child at all times
  • We will ensure that your child is involved in outdoor play and the free flow system from indoors and outdoors as there choice throughout the day. Outdoor play has significant value and benefits children’s development, learning and health and the Manager has studied this for 6 years and this is a very important part of the ethos at Little Angels.
  • We will ensure your child has all the learning opportunities we can offer both indoor and outside, we are inclusive setting and promote equal opportunities.Each child is an individual and they will be treated as individuals.
  • We will always promote diversity within the nursery and ensure that children are respected no matter of their race, religion,. Class, disability, gender e.t.c


We at Little Angels will promote children’s personal social and emotional development by

  • Making sure your child is settling in and safe and feels confident staying with us.
  • We will help them develop their own feelings and encourage self esteem.
  • Ensuring that ethnic background, culture and home language is respected.
  • Making sure children can develop as an individual.
  • Encourage the child to be positive and develop self assurance.
  • Provide activities to promote emotional development.


We at Little Angels promote children’s social development by

  • Having consistence boundaries for children’s behaviour.
  • Encouraging them to be respectful to others and to be kind to one another.
  • Enabling children to care for things for example plants, animals, sharing and taking turns.
  • Ensuring meal times are sociable for the children.
  • Ensuring children have the opportunity to be independent at meal times for example pouring their own drinks making their own sandwiches.
  • To encourage the children to taste different foods from different cultures and to learn about different ways of life.
  • To celebrate all cultural festivals for example Diwali, Eid, Christmas, new year, Chinese new year
  • To provide learning opportunities for children to learn about disability and diversity.


We at Little Angels will promote children’s understanding of the world development by

  • Encouraging children to talk about the world around them.
  • Providing opportunities for discovering, exploration, and investigation.
  • Providing books which are suitable for the child’s age and stage stories, puppets, dancing, signing, role play.
  • Stimulating their imagination providing interesting materials and activities that will encourage learning.
  • Encouraging children to set challenges for themselves.
  • Using everyday objects to count, match, sequences, and order.

We at Little Angels will promote children’s physical development by

  • Having a range of equipment both in and outdoors.
  • Provide opportunities for balancing, team games, and taking turns.
  • Encouraging children’s independence and confidence.
  • Provide a range of activities to encourage fine and gross motor skills for example tools, pens, pencils, and handle small objects with increasing control and precision.
  • Provide trips where children can have freedom parks, soft play areas, large fields.
  • Provide physical challenges climbing and encouraging children to take part in PE and music and movement sessions. .
  • .

We at Little Angels will encourage children expressive arts and design development by

  • Encouraging children to use a wide variety of materials and resources to express their own ideas and feelings to construct their piece of work.
  • To provide choices for the children.
  • To provide home corner and role play opportunities and puppets.
  • Exploring all materials such as sand, water, shaving foam, clay, play dough and much more
  • Stories and children taking in parts in plays and productions which will encourage confidence

We at Little Angles will promote children’s literacy and language by

  • Encouraging children to go to the writing table.
  • Have lots of different resources for the writing table to make it inviting for the children.
  • To have circle time and story telling.
  • To provide mark making opportunities in all children’s areas including outside.
  • Encouraging children to write own planning and own menus.
  • Value each piece of work that a child does and display this is for the parents to see.
  • Have a registration process for the children to help them recognize their name or photo.
  • To provide resources for Letters and sounds and to encourage the children to use this through activites each session.
  • To introduce phonics/letters and sounds  to the children and encourage parents to support us with this and also if children are ready for reading to send these home with the parents.
  • To use story bags each week and let parents take story socks have to share with their children and record this down, these are in the corridor and the children and staff share these at key person time too.Also for one to one time with books and looking at the pictures.
  • we have outside support to help us with children who have  an additional language and support for children need extra help with sounds or speech and listening skills.
  • We are also going to be asking for resources off the Bolton toy libary to help our children with SEND

 We at little angels will encourage childrens maths skills by

  • Encouraging children to count through fun activities
  • Encouraging children to sign lots of fun songs that contain numbers and rhyme
  • Encouraging children to recognise numbers and also find them in fun ways such as hiding numbers in the sand
  • Using books to help maths skills
  • Using the the number journey book  from Bolton startwell team to help with activities we can deliver to the children each day 
  • To work with the Bolton local authority to help us with maths with the children and also to ensure children are progressing in this.


There is a childcare agreement for parents to sign and you will need to fill in the child’s personal details. We will require one week’s fees in advance.



Children with infectious diseases, discharge from the eyes, diarrheoa, vomiting or a high temperature covid symptoms, need to stay at home. If your child becomes ill during the day we will contact you to take them home. Please see out policies and procedures for further information. 


Nappies and toilet training

Please make sure you bring nappies for your child, these can be put on your child’s peg, and baby wipes are provided by us .We use Asda’s own.If you would like different wipes to be used on your child please bring these in with your child’s name on. If your child is potty training please could you make sure you bring in plenty of spare underwear for them, we will liaise with you to see how you are approaching toilet training and we can also offer advice to you about what to do next.

If you child needs sudocrem or any cream applying please put this in a clear bag with your child’s name on and the staff will fill in the medicine sheet for you. We cannot put cream on without a signature.


The toilets are in the corridor so staff ensure they only ever take 4 children to the toilet at any one time.

 Drop off and collection 


Parents/carers will bring your child to the door where a staff member will greet you and take the child then to the room, we will help the child to wash their hands and sanitise before they enter the room.

For security reasons you must inform staff if the children are to be released to anyone other than those whose names you have authorised and with whom we are familiar with. 



We will comply with the EYFS (2021) requirements and explain this to parents once they book in .

Sudocrem/ nappy cream may be administered only if it is bought from a chemist or supermarket and the tub is unopened and the receipt is brought in to prove where it was bought from, the tub must be kept at the setting at all times.


Car Park

Please be careful when parking your cars on the car park, it does get very busy. Please do not park on the disabled spaces you must  park on the church spaces which is in red writing on the floor.if you are parking on the car park longer than two hours you need to register your car with us at reception. If you are going to be longer than two hours we need to register your car with park eye.


The entry and exits and outdoor play areas are monitored at all times through CCTV. We keep doors closed and we always make sure the children are supervised at all times.


We offer a range of activities and your child will love coming to our nursery provision. We promote diversity through nursery provision and we cater for the children with additional needs. We offer a lot of love, care and affection. We offer stimulating, fun activities. As we are family run business we have a very homely atmosphere through our setting which we feel the parents and the children like. We strive to improve our setting and we welcome your comments at all times.

We encourage the children's learning through play we operate a free flow to the outdoors in all weathers too.


We  send reading books home with the children to share with their parents this is to encourage parents and children to do something fun together at home, and encourages literacy skills too.We love looking at books with the children and they also love to make up stories too and we want to extend the learning as much as we can..

We have a box of snuggle stories in the corridor for parents to lend a book and share this at home with their child.We also have singing sessions and book sharing events with parents in the nursery.


Health and safety

We make sure that we have a health and safety inspection by the authority every three years we also have an environmental health inspection every two years to ensure the nursery is of an excellent standard. In September 2021  we have  been graded a 5 which is good standard.We ensure the food hygiene in the nursery is of excellent standard at all times.

 We have a drinks policy which is just water and milk provided by the nursery and we are also encouraging children in toddler and preschool to brush there teeth as well.


Covid 19 


There are sanitisers all over the building and there is a more extensive cleaning schedule in place.

Government Grants

Children who are two three and four after the term they turn three are entitled to the government funding of 15 hours per week which is flexible. When your child is eligible for this Karen and katie will speak to you regarding this. Karen will also write to you regarding your fees too.We are also going to be taking part in the 30 hour free entitlement in September 2017 which your child may be able to access when they are three(the term after they are free).For more information regarding this please visit the nursery or more information can be found on website. We offer different packages for our funded hours.


Our staff ratios are as follows

Children aged 6 weeks- 2     -1-3

Children aged 2-3                1-4

Children aged 3-5              1-8 (1-13) between 8-4 pm as Karen the manager and Tracey the deputy have BA in early years and education and therefore OFSTED will allow this higher ratio between these times of 1-13.

We operate a higher staff ratio when outdoors and on trips (see policies and procedures).

At Little Angels we encourage all our staff who work here to obtain at least a level 3 qualification as the OFSTED guidelines state this. If we have any volunteers working in the nursery these are not counted in the ratios and are never left alone with the children. Volunteers are beneficial to our setting as they provide a lot of care for the children, they can read stories and play with the children and it nice for children to have some adult led activities.


Karen ,runs the preschool. Carole who volunteers has  over 40 years experience working with children, Karen ,and Carole work very closely together in preschool to ensure each child is learning to their full potential and plan around the child's interests.

This room is registered for 24 children and we ensure that we also give the children some time in small groups for activities..In preschool we do lots of  phonics, with the children and letters and sounds in a fun way to ensure children have that readiness for school. We make all our activities fun for the children and offer some structure and free play through the day.

We also take part in language through listening activities and use the wellcom to support children in communication and language.


We respect confidentiality at all times. However any information given that could affect the safety and welfare of a child (safe guarding issues) may be passes on to another agency. The staff have a duty to do this and this is a legal requirement by OFSTED and law


Access to information

Any records about an individual child are to be openly shared with the child’s parents/carers. Records kept on the premises can only be accessible by Little Angels staff.We comply with the GDPR 2018 legislation.

Emergency medical treatment

We endeavor to contact you in case of an emergency. If we are unable to contact you we will seek medical advice for your child (see child’s personal record form). We also ask who the childs next of kin as this is important for our records.

What to wear at nursery

In order for the children to be able to explore and experiment with all kinds of materials it is the best to send you child dressed in clothes that are easily washable and not new. Although we do provide aprons some children get messier than others!!

Can all parents make sure in the colder months that you provide a warm coat, hat, and gloves as we will still take the children out in all weathers as this is the time the children can discover and learn all about the outside!! (For example making footprints in the snow, dancing and singing in the rain!!)



If someone different is picking your child up you must inform the nursery as soon as possible. We will never let any child go with anyone unless parents have authorised this and the name of this person is on the authorisation list. The staff always ask for a password and a description if someone different is picking the child up. This security is for the safety of your child and we really do value safeguarding very highly here at Little Angels

We strive to improve our setting and we welcome your comments at all times. We realise how important your child is to you and we would like to support parents who feel there child is ready for nursery but may be a little nervous. We are here to put your mind at ease, we understand how hard it is to leave your child. We are very approachable and we are here to help you and your child settle into our homely nursery.