Local Trips 

We ensure that all our trips are risk assessed .If your child is interested in anything or has any interests at home, please let us know as we can plan activities around your childs interests,  We love to take the children outdoors  to help enhance their learning and giving the children chance to play activities of their choice.

Prior to trips commencing parents consent is always obtained, risk assessments completed and trips are carried out in line with our policies and procedures.   The safety of the children is paramount to Little Angels at all times.

From June 2021 we are currently running ,local trips to the park , the Hallith wood forest , we also can walk to local places. We will also be taking the children to visit the libary , museum and fire station as well.


You may ask, "How do the trips enhance my childs learning?"

Well, the outdoor environment offers space and therefore is particularly important to those children who learn best through active movement. Very young children learn predominately through their sensory and physical experiences which supports brain development and the creation of neural networks.

The outdoor environment is an essential part of high quality provision for babies, toddlers and young children. Effective use of outdoors supports delivery of all four themes within the Early Years Foundation Stage:

1. A Unique Child
2. Positive Relationships
3. Enabling Environments
4. Learning and Development.


Children gain enormous benefits from learning outdoors. At Little Angels all children have have access to outdoor space on a daily basis – regardless of all except the worst weather. Being outdoors allows them to move around without many of the restrictions of being inside. They can fill their lungs with clean air and use all of their senses to appreciate the colours, different noises, the sense of space and of scale. Being outdoors supports confidence and allows opportunities for big scale play, problem-solving and creativity in the company of other children. Physical activity is enhanced. So is calculated risk taking.

The outdoors supports active learning and when balanced with quiet areas for reflection can really enhance children’s learning.