Parent Testimonials


Safeguarding questionnaires were given to all parents in March/April 201 8 and here are some of the responses we were given............


  • It would be difficult for an intruder to enter the building as the nursery is so safe especially with the new intercom system April 2018.


  • It is for the safety and security of the nursery that I like the person on the desk at all times and I always feel my child is safe here and the fact that it is a family run nursery is very positive and this was a feature of the nursery why I took my child here. March 2018.


  • The staff make sure they are familiar with you as a parent and a child if there is someone on the desk that has not seen you before they do not let you in until the manager has come to check that person which is very good. April 2018.


  • I feel my child is happy in your care and I know that they are happy and in a safe environment at all times so I don’t worry about them during the day . I feel the nursery has a very high standard of safety and security. April 2018 


  • The new door system is brilliant i know you sometimes have to wait a bit for the door to close but little angels are maximising the safety of my children and i am very pleased with all of the safeguarding well done Karen and team (March 2018)


Comments from the parents regarding their child at the nursery and the things they enjoy.............


My daughter loves the mud area she loves to get messy July 2018.


I am looking forward to the Christmas nativity as I know my son will be playing Jesus and he is only 8 months old December 201.


My child is always singing tinkle twinkle every night June 2017.


The staff are a credit to you they have such good relationships with the children it is lovely to see April 2016.


My daughter loves the holiday club especially the beach trips and theme parks they go they all love the minibus ! July 2016.


Book him in holiday club all week as he wants to come here rather than stay home with me December 2016.


I am glad that Tracey and Mandy are in the baby room as I feel relaxed leaving my baby with these two staff April 2016.


My child loves the after school club being picked up in the minibus and then she gets to bake, play outside and have lots of fun with her friends. February 2016.


My child had so much fun  horseriding , little angels takes the children on so many adventures. The family run nursery is the best and i am so glad my child has been part of this for five years now well done karen and all her team


We love the nursery and we now our child will settle in school July 2016


Healthy eating.....................


My child loves eating at the snack table he would stay here all day and eat the fruit if he could (May 2016).


I think it is a good idea that children can have a drink of milk or water all day and be able to help them selves this encourages their independence.(June 2016).


My child likes carrying their packed lunch to nursery every day , she always wants what the other children have in their packed lunches like ham wraps, and grapes.(June 2016).


I feel there is always a healthy selection out on the snack table in the younger room, my son loves peppers and fruit, and i know he has a drink of water too throughout the day.(May 2016).



I dont think you can improve anymore with healthy eating as you promote this very well, there is lots of advice on hand whenever i feel i need it, i know i can talk to Carole. (June 2016).


I think it is a good idea i can bring a hot meal for my child when its cold (January 2016).


The snacks are delicious at nursery and i know they have a wide variety of choice (February 2016).


 I was worried when my child was diagnosed with cealic but little angels have gone out of their way to provide food for my child (January 2019).


We also had a visit from the local MP in september 2012 for cool milk which is the free milk we get for the children and he quoted "the children seemed to really enjoy their snacks it looks like fruit and cheese are

their favourites". He came and poured milk for all the children and the children enjoyed having their snack with the local MP too, it was a fun morning.